“…it may be time to make use of the ideas that Cynthia Barton Rabe proposes in the best book of the bunch, ‘The Innovation Killer’.”
New York Times
Innovation Killer by Cindy Rabe

Written By

Cynthia Barton Rabe,

Founder and President of Zero-G LLC, former Intel Innovation Strategist and former member of the product management team that originally introduced the Energizer Bunny.

With a foreword by Dorothy Leonard, Harvard Business School Professor Emerita and author of ‘When Sparks Fly; Igniting Creativity in Groups.

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Praise for the Innovation Killer

“Knowledge, experience, groupthink and expert think are all innovation killers in Cindy Rabe’s world and I think she’s right. A revolutionary book that will challenge your thinking.”

Al Ries, author, The Origin of Brands

"The Innovation Killer challenges the reader to consider the power of non expert thinking as a catalyst for innovation. Cindy Rabe's smart approach to disrupting the "group thinking" that stiffles creativity and derails innovative solutions is both practical and intriguing. A great read for any leader who is struggling to move a team or project to a higher level result. I really liked this book. I thought it was bright, fun, and startlingly pragmatic."

Nancy Hickey, Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, Steelcase, Inc.

"For anyone interested in innovation this book is essential reading because it addresses what others do not, the natural tendency to kill new and different ideas and provides guidance on what can be done about it."

Peter Lawrence, Chairman, Corporate Design Foundation

"Cindy Rabe courageously describes the elusive ingredients for innovation, a prized asset of business and society. She blends academic discovery, case studies, sage wisdom, and street smarts into a refreshingly helpful resource. This book will serve as a powerful catalyst if organizational leaders are ready to find and embrace innovation."

Ron D. Arp, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Nautilus, Inc.

"Insightful and accessible. Useful and entertaining. A new perspective on people, process and innovation. This should be in every manager's library."

Bob Marchant, President/CEO Modo, Inc

"This book is a very timely reminder that it's often outsiders that drive innovation and change. Radical ideas usually start in the minds of mavericks, outcasts and eccentrics long before they are accepted by the mainstream. Anyone that has the courage and the foresight to invite these people inside their organization will live with neither failure nor regret".

Richard Watson, CEO Global Innovation Network/ Fast Company Innovation Columnist.